Multibuy Discount: Buy 2 courses to get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses to get 10% off.

Multibuy Discount: Buy 2 courses to get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses to get 10% off.


Study smarter and succeed. With Tabaldi, you can do it!

Study smarter and succeed.

At Tabaldi we know that studying accounting is tough. This is especially true for distance learning students studying at Unisa, who don’t attend face-to-face classes and therefore don’t have access to lecturers. For many, if not most Unisa accounting students, the road to success is long and hard. Many give up – but you don’t have to.


Online Lecture Videos

Online lecture videos

Our lecture videos convey information in bite-sized sections and make difficult topics easier to understand.

Lecturer Support

Lecturer support via email

Our expert lecturers are passionate about helping you pass and are available to assist you directly.

Discussion Form

Discussion forums

Our online discussion forums give students a chance to ask questions and get answers from each other as well as their lecturers.

Past Exam Papers

Past exam papers with solutions

Our exam courses show you how to work through past papers and teach you the best exam techniques for getting the most marks.



We’ve made learning more efficient

We want you to learn faster and spend less time studying, which is why our course material and study methods are geared at making that possible. Firstly, most students find that video learning is better and faster than traditional text-book learning as it engages them on a multi-sensory level.

Secondly, with Tabaldi there’s no need to search for information as we’ve created a single and easily accessible platform where you can find all you need to know. We even help you to plan your study time better as well as teach you how to tackle every exam question. Many students agree that they would have saved a lot of time and effort if they only used Tabaldi in the first place.

faster with video

We help you learn faster with video

answers faster

We help you get the answers faster

 plan better

We help you plan better

max exam time

We help you maximise your exam time

Waste less time

We help you waste less time


We’ve made learning more effective

With Tabaldi it is possible to maximise every moment of your time spent studying. Our videos make difficult topics much easier to understand and our expert lecturers help you to put your textbook in context. We focus on exactly what you need to pass and show you how to prioritise key concepts, making sure not to overwhelm you with unnecessary information.

Our lecturers take a problem solving approach and teach you how to use and apply your theory using repeatable, reliable exam technique. Our exam courses show you how the examiner marks your answers and what to look out for to get the most marks possible.

textbook in context

We help you put your textbook in context

best path to success

We help you find the best path to success

studies in practice

We show you how to apply your studies in practice

maximise your marks

We help you maximise your marks

overcome study challenges

We help you overcome study challenges


We’ve made learning simpler

We know first-hand that accounting can sometimes seem convoluted and complex, and that’s why we take an approach focused primarily on simplicity. We are working constantly to make sure that both our website and video lecturer content are user-friendly. Our lecture videos provide you with information in small, bite-sized sections in order to make the information easy to absorb and understand.

Not only that, but when we give you instructions, we do so step-by-step by explaining everything clearly and concisely from the very beginning of your course, so that we can see to it that you feel continuously supported throughout your studies. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that, unlike most textbooks, our content is easy to understand and interpret.

user friendly content

We offer user friendly content

bite-sized video lectures

We offer easy-to-find bite-sized video lectures

step-by-step fashion

We teach you in a step-by-step fashion


We’ve got lecturers you can trust

The reason we’re so good at helping you succeed is because we’ve been where you are. Our lecturers are experts in their field and are also qualified Chartered Accountants. They know how to dissect difficult concepts to make the information simpler, and they provide real and empathetic support. The best part is that our expert lecturers are accessible to assist you directly online.

They never assume that you know everything, rather explaining things from the beginning. We’ve also created discussion forums to give students a chance to talk to each other and engage with their lecturer as a group. When it comes to exams, we make sure you know the best techniques and tools to help with the exam you are writing that day, and with every exam in your future.

lecturers that give you study support

We’ve got qualified lecturers that give you study support

passionate about helping you pass

We’ve got lecturers who are passionate about helping you pass

We don’t assume you know everything

We don’t assume you know everything

online discussion forums

We’ve created online discussion forums to give you peer support

tools for writing exams

We teach you the best techniques and tools for writing exams






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