About Us

At Tabaldi, our focus is on your journey as students. We want to improve, ease and enhance your UNISA studies, while providing the support we know you need throughout the process. 

Many of our lecturers have studied part-time while working and we vividly remember the struggles and the loneliness of studying through distance education. We started Tabaldi to help students, using our own experiences as the foundation for the platform. Our experience and interaction with the thousands of face-to-face and online students we’ve lectured over the years means our services and value adds continue to grow. 

Our offering has grown immensely since inception and in 2016 we began carefully recruiting additional lecturers to expand the support we offer UNISA students. They all have the heart to help students with what is often a difficult journey and we are confident that you will find that they have the knowledge and care to support your studies.

With the wonders of modern technology, we hope to make your journey easier, more interactive and more effective. 

By joining us in the Tabaldi Online Classroom you will be able to access the best of what we have to offer, improve your educational journey and take a step closer to your own success. 

We love what we do here at Tabaldi, and to all of our students and clients we thank you for giving us the opportunity to walk through this educational journey with you. 

Disclaimer: Tabaldi Education is not related to UNISA but provides tuition support for specific UNISA modules. Tabaldi is part of the College SA Group of companies