Multibuy Discount: Buy 2 courses to get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses to get 10% off.

Multibuy Discount: Buy 2 courses to get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses to get 10% off.


Studying part-time can be a lonely business. It takes hard work, dedication and sheer determination to keep on going while you see your friends and family have a 'good time'.

At Tabaldi, our focus is on your journey as students. We want to improve, ease and enhance your UNISA studies while providing the support we know you need throughout the process.

Many of our lecturers have studied part-time while working and we vividly remember the struggles and the loneliness of studying through distance education. We started Tabaldi to help students, using our own experiences as the foundation for the platform. Our experience and interaction with the thousands of face-to-face and online students we’ve lectured over the years means our services and value-adds continue to grow.

With our online resources and our focus firmly on your journey as a student, we believe that we will be able to improve and enhance your learning experience. Ultimately this means that when you write your exams, you will be better prepared and more confident.

By joining us in the Tabaldi online classroom, you will be able to access the best of what we have to offer, improve your educational journey and take a step closer to your own success.

We love what we do here at Tabaldi, and to all of our students and clients, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to walk through this educational journey with you.
If at any time you have any questions about our support, then please do contact us. Our customer services team and our faculty of lecturers are here to provide information and assistance so you can make the best informed choices for your individual situation. So please, ask your questions!

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Why is it so tough for
distance learning students?

WWhy was Tabaldi created
and what was the plan?


Your studies can be compared to a boxing match in which you are boxing out of your weight class against an opponent that is faster and stronger than you. Studying will beat you up for most of the year, and you will find many of your fellow students giving up and dropping out as it all feels too much. You will feel that you are not as smart as you need to be, that you are too lazy compared to your classmates who seem to be coping better than you (I bet you they are not!), and all of this will make you question your choice to become a CA(SA) - is it really worth it and do you have what it takes?

We have seen hundreds of students battle through their own UNISA studies journey, and the ones who make it are not the smartest, but the ones who are the most persistent. You need to let go of being a perfectionist and do your best every day - even when your best does not feel like it will be good enough.

Studying will be an epic fight for you, it will be an uphill struggle for much of the process, but if you persist until the end, you will start to see the light and success will be in your reach. Studying a BCom and possibly your CA is not a sprint race, it is a marathon - prepare yourself!


Tabaldi Education is not associated with UNISA, nor are we a licensee of UNISA. Many of our lecturers have completed their studies through UNISA, but they are not employed by UNISA. Tabaldi is a completely separate entity from UNISA and should you make use of our services; you will not be purchasing tuition support from UNISA, but rather independent tuition support from Tabaldi Education.


No, we are not accredited by UNISA. Our course material covers all the information that you will need if you are studying at UNISA and our lecturers are all specialists in the material that they present, but Tabaldi is in no way accredited by or associated with UNISA.


We realise that studying part-time can be difficult. It is for that reason that we provide study aids/independent tuition support that will be useful for students studying FinAcc, ManAcc, Tax and Auditing courses. Our material is not meant to replace the official material that you receive from UNISA, nor can we/will we provide any accreditation towards your UNISA degree. Our products enhance your studying experience, making it easier for you to pass the accounting and auditing exams that UNISA offers.

Disclaimer: Tabaldi Education is not related to UNISA but provides tuition support for specific UNISA courses.

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