Multibuy discount: Buy 2 courses and get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses and get 10% off.

Multibuy discount: Buy 2 courses and get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses and get 10% off.

Claudia Hazelwood


Claudia’s love for both teaching and financial accounting have kept her in the world of academia since her second year as an undergraduate student. She started off as an accounting tutor, did academic articles and ultimately landed up back in the classroom as a lecturer. She has lectured cost accounting, corporate finance and financial accounting at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level for almost ten years. It is no secret though, IFRS is her first love.

Claudia has also spent numerous years in practice as an IFRS specialist and advisor working on a broad range of listed and unlisted clients across multiple industries and sectors. She continues to consult as an IFRS advisor and is currently completing her Masters in International Accounting.

As a lecturer Claudia loves sharing her practical experience to bring relevance and life to the subject matter, not to mention that knowledge when shared multiplies! She also is a firm believer that even the most complex transactions and principles can be presented simply, and this is something that remains paramount to her teaching style.


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