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Multibuy discount: Buy 2 courses and get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses and get 10% off.

Tabaldi Testimonials


I wrote ITC last week and I am absolutely impressed with your course. I did other ITC courses before, but I can definitely say that for me this was the most valuable.

What makes this course poignant is the fact that it teaches you skills rather than listing technical knowledge. I've been working for auditing firms for 6 years and on this journey for 10 years now and the one thing I have learned is that google can provide answers if you need them, but skills to go and search for those answers are absolutely key.

I would also like to congratulate you on the structure of the course, because it's an active program rather than a passive one. So you kept my attention, which is very hard to do.
– Loreza (ITC)

I want to thank you for the valuable tools you gave in the ITC course.  It made a huge difference!
– Carina (ITC)

Thank you for all your support and the wonderful program you guys started. It really helped me a lot and I could not have done it without your help.
André (ITC)

I passed at first attempt.I cried for almost an hour, I keep checking the website just to make sure the sms is telling the truth.

Your program helped me a lot, I love it. BMCR, communication, structure and planning did wonders for me. It was not easy but it was worth it.
– Ramokone (ITC)

You guys are the best , please continue teaching, motivating and being there for the students throughout this emotional process.I really appreciate all the help you were to me last year and I have recommended you to literally everyone I speak to doing CTA now or even those still getting there, like they only in 1st year now. Having you along for the journey was amazing and 100% the only reason I passed. Thank you again for all the fabulous work you do!


– Louise (CTA FAC4863, FAC4864 and AUE4862)

I got my result today and obtained 85% for MAC2602. Thank you very much for the role that you have played in helping me to obtain this mark. Due to your easy and understandable explanation I was able to obtain this mark. I am very grateful for your hard work. It was nice doing business with you… Thank you once again.
– Regina (MAC2602)

I passed my CTA!! Thank you very much for the amazing year. I really enjoyed your videos. Thank you for all the motivation-mails and excellent explanations in your video-lectures (they were great).
– Sjoerd (CTA MAC)

It has been a wild year, very glad it is drawing to a close. I managed to pass everything!! So I am super stoked about that. I know that I wasn’t the ideal student, but it was tough to balance work and studies. But I did try my best to participate in all that was provided by you guys. MAC was always a problem for me in the past, but things went quite smoothly this year and the final exam was very fair. Thanks for everything this year, it was really helpful. Thanks again for all the assistance, I will definitely recommend Tabaldi to anyone that requires the same assistance.
– Michael Ferri (CTA)

I passed all my modules. Thanks to your wonderful team. :)
– Harty (AUE3702)

I cannot thank you enough. You made Mac so easy to follow, and my mind clearly caught on. I have passed Mac, Aue & Tax, I have supps for both Facs, but I go into them feeling positive.
– Ann (CTA MAC)

To say it’s been a challenging year is an understatement. I am so grateful to you all for helping me reach my goal of passing CTA, you guys are changing lives!!
– Justin (CTA)

Thank you for your assistance with Fac. I received my results and I passed. I'm so happy and relieved.
– Amanda (FAC2602)

I think the biggest thing with MAC is you really need to understand the concept of why you are doing something more than with FAC where there is so many rules about how to do things. With MAC there is many ways to get to the same answer if you know the reason behind what you are doing. So I create a fake company in my head and apply my theory to that company and I actually visualize the company as if I have been in it. That helps. Also the questions are not that any points so if you do bad in one there is 3 others to do well in. So you should be just fine. Thanks so much for your time and the course. You really make MAC so much fun to work with and explain it so well. The books make it a hell of a lot more complex than the course you do. You have such a good way of explaining things in simple terms. I was so chilled in today’s exam although the time pressures are always a thing with UNISA exams. But it was a good one. Looking forward to year 3.
– Bianca (MAC2601)

I have passed and I am super excited.
– Harty (AUE3702)

Managed a pass =) Big thanks to the Tabaldi team.
– Peter (AUE3702)

I never thought that I will be able to pass AUE3702 - but I did. Thank you for everything.
– Reninta (AUE3702)

I got my AUE3702 exam result back today and got 66% overall (59% for the exam).
Thanks for all you help and support throughout my degree over the last two years.
– Chris (AUE3702)

Ta so much. Another distinction thanks to you.
– Karel (AUE3702)

I found the courses to be super helpful and will most definitely make use of the other course through the course of my Degree
– Stephanie

The way you become excited about Trusts in the CTA Level 2 Tax lecture videos also got me excited to study them. This is the first time I actually understand trusts! It’s quite exciting! Thanks again.
– Samu (CTA Tax Level 2)

I feel like I was only getting the hang of CTA Tax right at the end. Because of that I feel like I could have reaped the most benefits out of your videos if I had gotten the hang of it at an earlier time. But nonetheless. I am so thankful for your humility in how you delivered your teaching. Tax exam wasn't that bad but I cannot be so sure of how it went. I am just trusting in The Lord. With all my heart, thank you.
– Seodi (CTA Tax)

Just to say thanks for you lectures - I have passed my exam quite well!! Could not have done it without your lectures as I had 3 other modules as well and my time was very limited. I'll definitely refer other students to you!
– Naomi (TAX2601)

Just want to thank you for the year's support and help. It really means so much to me. You guys made the CTA year so much easier and understandable. Looking forward to level 2 with you guys.
– Gideon (CTA Tax Level 1)

I would like to thank you for the exam prep webinar for Tax. I found it so motivating, thank you!
– Hantie (CTA Tax)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the work that you did with preparing me for CTA exam. I cannot express how much your insight has helped me. The effort that you and the team put in to make the content understandable and the time it takes to grasp the concepts more reasonable is much appreciated. I wish that all lecturers could be as cool as you.
– Theanette (CTA)

I have to say, you are the best lecturer for CTA auditing. You've supported us with so much energy, willingness and passion. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. On that note I thank God for such an amazing service. And thank you so much.
– Seodi (CTA Auditing)

I just want to thank you for all your support and help during the year with CTA Level 1 Auditing. You helped me so much. I can't think how I would be able to wrote the exams if it wasn't for you guys. Thank you so much. Looking forward to level 2 with you guys.
– Gideon (CTA Auditing Level 1)

Thanks for the great course helped allot with studying AUE3702!
– Cornel (AUE37020)

I think l survived (AUE3701) and thanks to team Tabaldi - keep up the good work.
– Edward (AUE3701)

Passed with 62% on this exam(AUE2601)! Thank you for all your help.
– Candice (AUE2601)

Today went well. Thank you for all you have done. It’s one of those exams were you expect a distinction. So fingers crossed. I am starting to like my auditing exams far more than my financial management exams and surprisingly it was not what I expected entering my 2nd year of studies.
– Bianca (AUE2601)

CTA with Tabaldi is the best
– Ann (CTA)

Best accounting lecturers ever
– Ahmed

What a great program. A professional team offering all-round learning support.
– James

Would not have been able to do it without u guys...thank you so much...
– Chantelle

It is weird to me typing an email to a person I have never even met but helped me so much in studying for my FAC1502 (FinAcc 1A) exam. The reason I wanted to thank you is because of my unusual circumstances under which I used the Tabaldi services provided. I started beginning of this semester with only 2 modules to pass as I am studying part time and working. I did what I think a lot of students do and tried to finish both assignments of FAC1502 as soon as I could so I could so as to focus on the exam. I didn’t even have the right books yet but the Internet was my friend and I searched and did everything for my assignments. Now I know this would be very frowned upon but at that time in my life I had my family moving overseas and couldn't deal with Unisa coursework as well. So I tried to finish all assignments before leaving the country, and it worked well since I passed both assignments for the module. Unfortunately for me about 2 weeks into March in my new country I had a very serious car accident which put me into hospital to which I was put into an induced coma until the 27th May. My Dad refused to give up on my studies and searched for a place where he could get info to help me as soon as I wake up so as to prepare for exams. He found Tabaldi right around the end of April at which stage I was not yet awake. After I woke and found out I was writing in about 2 weeks I practically gave up as I knew the chances of me actually passing an exam without ever even opening a book was just impossible. I was still in a lot of pain and kept under hospital supervision. Considering I have not done any accounting in about 3 years the challenge seemed immense. The Friday before the exam my dad came and told me that I had no choice and we were not delaying the exam, I was to get special permission to leave the hospital to write on that Tuesday. I started on the Saturday and went through Sunday only watching your videos over and over, while making notes and revising the most important bits on Monday. What I really did appreciate was your explanation of the topics at hand. You make it so easy to understand and I can see and feel that you really do care about your students online. You go back and make sure students know where info comes from and to revise a certain bit if they did not understand. It is rare of a lecturer to do that. So in basically 3 days of studying like crazy which even had my doctors worried, I went to write the exam and even though I knew all the formats asked and some even balanced, I knew that the chances of me passing are zero. I didn't even have chance to finish the exam. Much to my surprise last week I got my results and I have a supplementary exam on my other exam which is good I guess. The thing is I passed FAC1502 with 62%! Now that isn't what I would normally aim for but considering my circumstances over the past couple of months I am pleasantly thrilled! I have you to thank for most it with your videos. Without those I would probably have failed. Now I am not endorsing this method of cramming before an exam but it worked for me this time and you and Tabaldi helped me pass. I will most definitely use Tabaldi again for FinAcc 1B. Once again thank you for helping. I just had to thank someone who has no idea how their services provided me with the help and support I needed in my time of need.
– Michael (FAC1502)

I got 63%... (10% improvement) for MAC4861. I am still hoping to improve my Test 3 and test 4 results. Your costing is so brilliant.
– Shonani (MAC4861)

I got 58% for the FAC2601 exam! The Tabaldi online programme really helped.
– Craig (FAC2601)

Firstly, would like to thank you for all your help on this module. I had failed this exact module 2 times before. so was very Anti this subject. I got 69% and that is all thanks to your lectures. I will definitely keep using Tabaldi for my studies.
– Carla

I have to say this even though I might not know the outcome. Thank you for teaching and making me understand MAC. I have never experience it before; you have made it so interesting. May God continue to use you to be a blessing with this talent He has given you. No words can ever describe how grateful I am to have chosen MAC with Tabaldi. When I wrote MAC3701 I could hear you say ''struggle through a question'' those words helped with the preparation. With paper 2 I could hear you explaining about the share price, P/E etc.
– Lindeka (MAC3701)

I just want to thank you for the way you explain the work in the MAC4861 lectures. I used to hate MAC and it was one of my worst subjects in under grad, but since I have watched your lectures it just made sense and I love it now. MAC is one of my favourite subjects now. Thank you so much.
– Gideon (MAC4861)

I managed to pass with 58% your lectures really helped me take on MAC3701. Thanks a lot for your help. Managed to graduate thanks to your videos and other resources. I had written MAC3701 3 times prior to this.
– Lawrence (MAC3701)

I would like to thank you for the AUE2602 lectures, I thought the exam went well, I found that I knew what I was doing. Just hope I did enough to pass. But again thanks for everything, could not have done it without your lectures.
– Carla (AUE2602)

I want to thank all the lecturers of FinAcc 3C. I just completed my exams and feel positive about it. Time is always a bit hectic, but I attempted all the questions and are very thankful for the help getting through it.
– Edna (FAC3703)

I managed to pass this module (MAC2601) first time thanks to Tabaldi. I was very despondent following the exam convinced that I did not make it but I was shocked to see that I passed with 50 to the dot. I know I could not have made it without your help, I bought the videos within a month before the exam but still managed! Keep up the good work it’s much appreciated.
– Bruce (MAC2601)

Just got my results, and guess who made it?? Future CA(SA) :-) mhmm! I'm so sorry I couldn't wait for morning to send this email lol, I thought during the holidays I'd sleep a bit early but my body refuses to work with me lol. Out of 6 modules, I passed 5. I'm a bit sad, but I'm ready to kick behinds next year (forgive my French). Thank you so very much once again
– Kea (FAC2602)

I just want to thank you for the brilliant work done by the Tabaldi team. I got my results today and received 88% as my final mark for FAC2601 and 82% for AUE1601. I was so surprised for the mark I received in FAC2601 because I made some silly mistake in the exam and thought that I would get a far lower mark. Thanks to team Tabaldi I was able to apply the exam technique and whalla!!! I was able to pass... Team Tabaldi did an exceptional job... I salute you guys!!! See you in FAC2602 next semester.
– Regina (FAC2601 & AUE1601)

Our MAC2601 results were released last night. 77% distinction, I am so happy I could not stop crying when I saw this, because MAC2601 has been my nightmare for 3 semesters. (first time I did not write, second time I got 38% and now this wonderful 77%). The exam was tough and a lot different than the previous papers that I worked through. Thank you for this amazing course that you put together! Your easy explanations and the way you "dumb" things down made this all possible. I look forward to the next MAC modules.
– Lizandra (MAC2601)

I received my AUE3702 results and passed with a distinction!! Another great thing I have also learned from your exam course was …to move on… and not to hover on a question. Thank you for all your support during the semester!!
– Amanda (AUE3702)

I would like to thank you for the lectures on MAC2601, I have failed this exam 2 times before but knew I had even before getting my marks. Yesterday writing this exam I was positive and actually think that I made it. Thank you for cleaning up my doubts and helping me through this hard time.
– Carla (MAC2601)

I am going to write AUE2602 again next year and I am going to rock it. Because I want to rock it! I would like to move my module with Tabaldi for next year again and I am hoping I can transfer it for the first semester but I am still going to continue studying it from now forward. You have been such an amazing voice in my head and obviously with all the effort you put into me it felt like I was letting you down too. I do want to do this, there is no doubt about it, I'm just going to say "No" more and pace myself better. So on that note... see you next year and I look forward to kicking this module's butt!!
– Candice (AUE2602)

I just want to thank you for the excellent support that you are giving me during my studies. The video clips and explanation and challenges to think and act in more constructive ways are definitely helpful and it is making my journey easier and much more relaxed. The biggest mind shift change I have valued through your motivation is that no matter the immediate outcome, I can repeat this process until I achieve the outcome I desire. It takes so much pressure of me that I actually have more capacity to learn and understand the study materials.
– Edna (FAC3703)

I would like to thank you for an awesome semester together. You really helped make things so simple to understand. I also like the fact that we have different lecturers for the different modules, definitely prevents boredom. Thanks for being awesome and for making Tabaldi a great learning experience.
– Philip (ManAcc)

Your videos are super awesome, your auditing lecturing is out of this world, I enjoy them a lot, the MAC2601 lecture makes it easy to understand.
– Wesley (MAC2601)

I did it, I got 85% for my exam.... it's the first time that my assignments brought down my year mark... I cannot thank you and the Tabaldi team enough... you really helped me so much.
– Kylie (FAC1502)

I just received my FAC1502 results and I passed. I want to thank you for everything and I will obviously recommend your online classroom modules to friends. I will receive my BCom in Industrial and Organizational Psychology because of you. Thank you very much.
– Fundakubi (FAC1502)

I got my results for Auditing and I PASSED!!! Not the best result ever (final mark 61%), but with the tough few months I had I will take it. I would not have been able to do it without your help. The way you set out the lectures made such an overwhelming subject seems so structured and easy to understand. THANK You so much for all the effort you guys put in. Keep well and continue doing what you are doing!
– Geraldine (AUE3701)

So I have been going through the content on Tabaldi and I truly feel like this simplifies everything, wish I had you as a lecturer in 3rd year but I am still so lucky to have crossed paths with you. You explain everything in a way that truly sticks and consequently makes so much more sense. The thought of failing is really scary, and as you said when explaining risk assessment, I know many CTA students who re-assess the risks of failing after every paper. This degree really is no walk in the park, but it's not impossible. Well I just wanted to thank you for clarifying things, my foundation of auditing is now more solid and it's all thanks to your lectures. I haven't covered everything yet but I will sooner rather than later.
– Mitch (CTA)

Tabaldi is like my little security blanket. I would never go without it! Thank you again for your generosity in allowing me to be able to take all 4 courses. I will forever be indebted to you. Here's to another successful semester ahead!
– Jeánnine

I would like to take this time to thank you and your team for a job well done. Without your course I don't think it would have been possible to pass this module. Hard work and your continuous motivation kept me on my toes.
– Bonita

I have just checked Myunisa account for my Fac1502 results... and guess what? I got 92%.... I am in cloud 9 right now. Thank you very much!!! Your online course has helped me a lot. I am looking forward to buy and use the other courses that you offer.
– Anonymous (FAC1502)

I must say I am really impressed with the service that I have received from Tabaldi for FAC1502 thus far. Thanks once again.
– Regina (FAC1502)

A big thank you to Tabaldi for guiding me through FAC1502 & FAC1601 which I have successfully passed both on my first attempt. I am from an engineering background and there is no way I could have achieved this without your support.
– Andre (FAC1502 & FAC1601)

Off the bat I'd like to thank you for your great product, it helped me pass FAC1502 in my first year. I’ve moved to my last set of modules in my third year which include FAC2601 and FAC1601 so it will be tight.
– Chris (FAC1502)

Thank you so much for all your assistance with FAC1601 in the last semester. I managed to pass FINALLY after so many attempts. I passed with a 54 % and I’m happy that I finally made it.
– Anonymous (FAC1601)

Thank you very much for the assistance. I got a distinction and an exam mark of 86% all because of your clear explanation. Although l am doing Law and will not be writing other accounting courses you made me comfortable with accounts.
– Peter

Thank you for helping me pass my exam last semester, and thx for the great FAC1601 videos. I finished my BCom degree!!
– Rhys (FAC1601)

I have got my FAC1502 result this morning. And I am over the moon 69%, almost a distinction. I am over the moon at the moment. Thank you so much for all the support. I have never thought to pass this module as I told you at the beginning. I almost gave up but gave myself one more chance with you after my 3 times failure attempts. You rock, see you with my next registration to your tutorial class.
– Luwam (FAC1502)

Thank you so much for your guidance, this was my second attempt at Fac1502. The first time I watched your videos and did not practice and I did not pass. The second time around I followed your advice did all the exercises and really just put my head down and kept trying, and I got 70% in my exam. Just registered for the FAC1601 ON TABALDI. Thanks for everything, don't know how I could've done it without you guys!
– Bianca (FAC1502)

Thank you very much for your help in my FAC1601. The best thing that has happened for me is that I passed the course at my first attempt! I must admit this is the most challenging course I have ever studied, remember I already hold 3 degrees up to an MSc level in other fields, but still I had to put in an extra effort into FAC 1601. I have now completed my BCom in Quantitative Management.
– Andile (FAC601)

I just want to thank you for your course and the help you gave me in Fin 1A. To be honest I prayed for just a pass, but ended up with a distinction! I could not have done it without you!! Thank you again!
– Claudette (FAC1502)

Many thanks to team Tabaldi, I managed to pass my course. Sincerely grateful to you all, the video tutorials were phenomenal. I started quite late in the semester but amusing material and presentation just meant that I caught up quickly enough. I now have my degree!! Thanks Tabaldi, keep it up!
– Sam (FAC1601)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during the first semester. I lost my dad in April so it has been a really difficult time for me. I am, however, proud to say that I obtained 99% for FAC1601. I really don't know how I did it or that it was even possible. I know I had a little something to do with it but your videos and constant support on the forum has been a great source of comfort for me. I have subscribed to the FAC2601 and AUE2601 courses this semester so look forward to working with you again.
– Jeánnine

Results for FAC1502 has just been released and I am so excited to share with you that it went well. I was hoping for a pass. Maybe a solid pass, but I made it to a distinction!!! Thank you so much for your support. I will surely be back for more "torture".
– Brenda (FAC1502)

I received my results for FAC3701 and I got a distinction. Thank you so much!
– Elize (FAC3701)

Thank you Tabaldi, thank you very much. I started very late with you guys less than 2 weeks with you but it was worth it. I PASSED ACCOUNTING!
– Margaret

Through your help I managed to get 94% for my June exam!!! Big thanx! Already subscribed to 1602 so will see you there!
– Ferdi (FAC1502)

Thanks to you I think I might make it........ I hope! You are the best thing that could ever happen to us poor FAC1502 students. Thank you very much. See you next time, hopefully not for a repeat ☺
– Zelda (FAC1502)

Last year I bought your FAC 3704 exam course 2 weeks before I wrote the exam and by going through that work, I passed it first try. Thank you
– Zianora (FAC3704)

I really enjoy your FAC1502 exam prep videos and I find the tone, humour and items you highlight so relevant. Thanks for being there for us.
– Brenda (FAC1502)

Since I have been watching the FAC1502 video lectures, I see light at the end of the tunnel. There is no doubt about it, I am going to pass my exam come June. It’s hard studying and working at the same time, but hey I need to push twice as hard to get what I want.
– Mapula (FAC1502)

Thank you for the push though (you don't play around, sjoe!!!) But it is exactly what is needed. I enjoy the way you present the FAC1502 subject matter and makes a lot of sense.
– Julian (FAC1502)

It took me forever to do all the calculations that could be done only in half an hour even less than that as the calculations were too simple but a bit tricky while posting them. Thanks to the lecturer for her patience with my several attempts I was sending her who leaded me to the final path which saved my time. Let us not fear trying it. Believe me it will be very helpful as we going to face similar questions in the FAC1502 exam.
– Luwam (FAC1502)

Before I submitted my attempt, I took forever on it to get the answers (it was a 30-minute task). I didn't say how long it took me, but based on my layout the lecturer could tell. Her advice helped me because even though I’ll still be combing through my work to make sure that every transaction balances, I will leave that till the very end when I have answered all the other questions.
– Bailey (FAC1502)

Thank you very much, really appreciate you and your teaching methods, been recommending you wherever I go!!! FAC1502
– Zelda (FAC1502)

To be honest I am so grateful to Tabaldi they helped me pass FAC1502 with a fantastic mark something I wouldn’t have thought I could achieve, so all thanks to them. I am hopeful and I know that I would do the same for FAC1601 with your help. Thank you Tabaldi
– Rosalind (FAC1502)

Last year l did FAC1601 and passed. There was no way l would have passed without your assistance. Keep up the good work.
– Talent (FAC1601)

If you struggle with Accounting, consider Tabaldi. I failed the subject twice, and finally used Tabaldi this semester. Passed with 82%. Their support is really good!
– Eugene (FAC1601)

Last year when I joined Tabaldi I was left with only 3 weeks to write my exams and at that time I didn't understand accounting at all. But hey, guess what I practiced all the question papers from online classroom. Tried to study and get prepared and I managed to pass with 52%. For me it's a miracle, if it wasn't for Tabaldi I would be repeating FAC1501 now. Now that I am starting the semester with Tabaldi I am going for a distinction.
– Rebecca (FAC1501)

You still have to put in a lot of work and practice yourself, but in MY opinion the Tabaldi team are great! I have never done any bookkeeping or accounting related subjects before - I passed both Fac1502 and Fac1601 with the help of Tabaldi. For FAC1502 I got a really good distinction! In fact for Fac1601 I didn't buy the text book - just invested my money in Tabaldi - and for me it paid off. (Just before anyone start complaining that I'm telling people not to buy the prescribed book - I'm only saying that for me it worked!) You can only watch the video's by going online - so if internet access is an issue that's a problem. Their explanations are great, you can watch the videos over and over if you are battling with some concepts, they have really good notes and they are available to answer specific questions. Included is exam prep in the form of working out a prev exam paper. They don’t do your assignments for you and they don’t write the exams for you, but otherwise they help you with everything! I'm joining them again for FAC2601!
– H-K (FAC1502 & FAC1601)

I just want to say thank you. I went from failing FAC1601 3 times with 30% or less to passing it with a distinction last semester.
– Michelle (FAC1601)

This is a great service and I am impressed already. I did browse the FAC1502 study plan and took a quiz. I am eager to learn and pass this module. I took this module last semester and there was not much support from other forums. Thank you and your team for the dedication towards all students. I already see the positivity with Tabaldi.
– Ramona (FAC1502)

Thank you for helping me pass FAC1601 with a distinction. Will definitely be using your services next year.
– Samantha (FAC1601)

Thank you Tabaldi for such an awesome program. I obtained 60% even though I did not write question 4.
– Hlengiwe

I cried when I read the Unisa material on cash flows in FAC1601, but your videos have really helped. Thank you.
– Anonymous (FAC601)

Thanks guys I came out with a distinction for Auditing, I didn't think it's was possible but it's done!!
– Portia (Auditing)

Long overdue belated thank you for having me on board for Fac3702. Even though I did not utilise it as much as what I wanted, I still managed to pass well.
– Anonymous (FAC3702)

Thank you all at Tabaldi! I passed first time with 75% without even opening any Unisa book. The last time I did any accounting was in 1992. You guys are the best!
– Pieter

I must thank you guys for this method of learning, the videos for fac1601 and the lecturer's way of teaching was amazing. This was the only module left for my degree and I finally completed, all thanks to Tabaldi. Well Done.
– Ashveer (FAC1601)

I really enjoy using your site as it is very user friendly. Your videos are very detailed and I seriously feel like I absorb much more information from watching your videos then from just working with the Unisa material. Also the great part about it is that if I need to take a break or step away from the computer I can always pause and not feel like I am missing out on anything.
– Samantha

Your videos are brilliant, Tabaldi is truly a blessing of note!
– Michelle

I am loving the course content and the structure of the course content. Thumbs up to the team.
– Donovan

Got my results. I got 91% for the FAC1502 exam. I am absolutely thrilled! Thanks again for your fantastic assistance. I'll be joining you again.
– Helena (FAC1502)

I finally received my FAC 1502 exam result. It was a painful long wait. The end result: I PASSED! YAY! Thank you so much for your support and for contributing to my success. I could not have done it without you.
– Zakiyya (FAC1502)

If it wasn't for you I would not have passed FAC1601. Thank you so much for your efforts. I watched your videos over and over again. I'm done with accounting for my degree.
– Neldo (FAC1601)

The videos are very helpful as l am getting a better understanding of accounts and seem to love it. It’s my first attempt and tried to use the UNISA study guide but some things needed explanation which one can’t get if you don't have help around.
– Bridget

I started using your FINACC 3A notes and although I did not pass the first semester, I was confident that it was putting me on the right track! Thank you Tabaldi for letting me continue using your material in Semester 2, even after I failed semester 1.
– Greg (FAC3701)

I used your online courses for my previous modules and I did excellent. I hope u can help with my last two modules before I obtain my degree.
– Amena

WOW!!! I now fully understand and see why you suggested the FAC1502 Exam Course first as opposed to trying to get through the theory... Yes, I did freak out a little bit at first purely because with the information I had, I was not confident enough even because I was too worried about the stuff that I did not know very well. It’s really awesome how you show us how to collect marks. I sure have lots and lots practicing to do going forward and I will definitely re-visit my assignments as well with a much better understanding of what is required. I can definitely get a pass in my exam if I keep at it. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution thus far and I look forward to updating you with my progress.
– Hlumie (FAC1502)

I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank u guys sooooo much! It would not have been possible without you! I look forward to registering for next semester and will definitely need your help for 2nd year accounting... I can’t wait!! If I can pass this exam on such short notice with your help, then I look forward to what I will achieve if I dedicate a whole semester with your guides! Look forward to it!
– Jessica

I’ve passed FAC1601 with 82% thanks to “Tabaldi”
– Anonymous (FAC1601)

Thank you for the videos! Remember I told you after the exam I got the whole format wrong for one question used ledgers instead of table format for Fac1601? Thought I was going to fail. I still got 73%!! Really looking forward to this semester!!
– Anonymous (FAC1601)

I would also like to thank you for the awesome work that you do, I registered very late last semester (less than a month before my exam) and was so overwhelmed as I didn't understand accounting well but due to this course I was able to pass. Thank you
– Anonymous

Thank you for your support and guidance, am over the moon as I manage to pass FAC2601! Thank you very much!
– Leornard (FAC2601)

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