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Multibuy Discount: Buy 2 courses to get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses to get 10% off.

CTA Testimonials

You guys are the best, please continue teaching, motivating and being there for the students throughout this emotional process. I really appreciate all the help you were to me last year and I have recommended you to literally everyone I speak to doing CTA now or even those still getting there, like they only in 1st year now. Having you along for the journey was amazing and 100% the only reason I passed. Thank you again for all the fabulous work you do!
– Louise (CTA FAC4863, FAC4864 and AUE4862)

I passed my CTA!! Thank you very much for the amazing year. I really enjoyed your videos. Thank you for all the motivation-mails and excellent explanations in your video-lectures (they were great).
– Sjoerd (CTA MAC)

It has been a wild year; very glad it is drawing to a close. I managed to pass everything!! So I am super stoked about that. I know that I wasn’t the ideal student, but it was tough to balance work and studies. But I did try my best to participate in all that was provided by you guys. MAC was always a problem for me in the past, but things went quite smoothly this year and the final exam was very fair. Thanks for everything this year, it was really helpful. Thanks again for all the assistance, I will definitely recommend Tabaldi to anyone that requires the same assistance.
– Michael Ferri (CTA)

I cannot thank you enough. You made Mac so easy to follow, and my mind clearly caught on. I have passed Mac, Aue & Tax, I have supps for both Facs, but I go into them feeling positive.
– Ann (CTA MAC)

To say it’s been a challenging year is an understatement. I am so grateful to you all for helping me reach my goal of passing CTA, you guys are changing lives!!
– Justin (CTA)

The way you become excited about Trusts in the CTA Level 2 Tax lecture videos also got me excited to study them. This is the first time I actually understand trusts! It’s quite exciting! Thanks again.
– Samu (CTA Tax Level 2)

I feel like I was only getting the hang of CTA Tax right at the end. Because of that I feel like I could have reaped the most benefits out of your videos if I had gotten the hang of it at an earlier time. But nonetheless. I am so thankful for your humility in how you delivered your teaching. Tax exam wasn't that bad but I cannot be so sure of how it went. I am just trusting in The Lord. With all my heart, thank you.
– Seodi (CTA Tax)

Just want to thank you for the year's support and help. It really means so much to me. You guys made the CTA year so much easier and understandable. Looking forward to level 2 with you guys.
– Gideon (CTA Tax Level 1)

I would like to thank you for the exam prep webinar for Tax. I found it so motivating, thank you!
– Hantie (CTA Tax)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the work that you did with preparing me for CTA exam. I cannot express how much your insight has helped me. The effort that you and the team put in to make the content understandable and the time it takes to grasp the concepts more reasonable is much appreciated. I wish that all lecturers could be as cool as you.
– Theanette (CTA)

I have to say, you are the best lecturer for CTA auditing. You've supported us with so much energy, willingness and passion. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. On that note I thank God for such an amazing service. And thank you so much.
– Seodi (CTA Auditing)

I just want to thank you for all your support and help during the year with CTA Level 1 Auditing. You helped me so much. I can't think how I would be able to wrote the exams if it wasn't for you guys. Thank you so much. Looking forward to level 2 with you guys.
– Gideon (CTA Auditing Level 1)

CTA with Tabaldi is the best
– Ann (CTA)

I got 63%... (10% improvement) for MAC4861. I am still hoping to improve my Test 3 and test 4 results. Your costing is so brilliant.
– Shonani (MAC4861)

So I have been going through the content on Tabaldi and I truly feel like this simplifies everything, wish I had you as a lecturer in 3rd year but I am still so lucky to have crossed paths with you. You explain everything in a way that truly sticks and consequently makes so much more sense. The thought of failing is really scary, and as you said when explaining risk assessment, I know many CTA students who re-assess the risks of failing after every paper. This degree really is no walk in the park, but it's not impossible. Well I just wanted to thank you for clarifying things, my foundation of auditing is now more solid and it's all thanks to your lectures. I haven't covered everything yet but I will sooner rather than later.
– Mitch (CTA)

Wanted to let you know- I PASSED! I mean it when I say Tabaldi had a lot to do with it including the research method. I was so rigid for so long in study methods- it had worked for me in undergrad but it was not working- not for CTA and not the Board Exam! I felt knocked down so many times! But I'm back.By the way I had the highest marks for MAC, that was never ever the case.It used to be my worst course!Thank you and Tabaldi from the bottom of my heart! Board exam time!!-
-Anonymous (CTA)

Firstly, I would like to extend a big thank you for all the support and guidance that Tabaldi and the lecturers have provided this year which has made my CTA journey which was challenging so much easier to handle and get through. The work, effort and support that is provided is exceptional and I feel so fortunate to have been a student of Tabaldi.
-Anonymous (CTA)

Just a big thank you to you and the rest of the Tabaldi team for the year and the amazing support. Before I decided on Tabaldi as my support I was not sure whether it was the right choice because I had so many other people in my ears about other academic support. But I can undoubtedly say I made the most fantastic choice and definitely even consider it as one of the few good decisions I made in life (hehe) Whether I pass or fail I do not regret joining you and the team. And I would do it all over again. I will most certainly recommend Tabaldi to everyone I come across who is looking for that extra something for their CTA journey because you guys give all that and more
-Anonymous (CTA)

I have looked at a couple of the videos and PDF slides for both Auditing and Tax and I believe that I will be able to work independently through the content for the most part (the content that I've seen is brilliant!!)
-Anonymous (CTA)

I must say that I just love how passionate you are with Tax. I get so excited when I am going through the Tax videos and I just love how you explain certain sections by giving reality examples. I actually never understood why we had to multiply by 0.3% for motor cars and 0.6% for LDV's for Deemed supplies and with your explanation "I can see clearly now that the rain is gone :)".
-Anonymous (CTA-Tax)

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