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Multibuy discount: Buy 2 courses and get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses and get 10% off.

FinAcc 3A - General Financial Reporting (FAC3701)

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We cover the full syllabus for FAC3701 with video lectures, explaining everything you need to know about FAC3701. He explains the syllabus simply, so you’ll be able to apply it to any situation. Our classroom is set up in the same order as your study guide, making it easy to work through the whole syllabus. Our exam course videos walk you through two past exams, showing you how to read, plan and answer your questions. Your lecturer will be available to answer your queries, motivate you, and check up on you through your semester.

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FAC3701 starts with Deferred Tax. This is a section that students often struggle with, and it applies to most of the rest of your Financial Accounting studies and topics, so it becomes assumed knowledge in your modules going forward. You really need to understand it here, because you won’t have time to re-learn it in the rest of your modules!

This module is the start of your dealings with IFRS directly. Your chapters here relate to specific IFRS standards, so we’ll be teaching you how they’re structured, and how they work.

The exam course videos will go through past questions and show you the process to follow to answer the questions and teach you the exam technique you need.

Your lecturer will keep an eye on you through the semester, motivate you, push you, and answer any questions you have about the module.


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 Claudia Hazelwood  Faatima Kholvadia Bronwyn Kemp   Richard Starkey


  • Income Taxes (IAS 12 and FRG1)
  • Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors
  • The Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting 2018
  • Preface to International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Presentation of Financial Statements (IAS 1)
  • Events After the Reporting Period (IAS 10)
  • Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets (IAS 37)
  • Fair Value Measurement (IFRS 13)
  • Revenue from Contracts with Customers (IFRS 15)

Please note: This course is designed to support the 2021 semester only. Purchase will give you access to this course until the 2021 examinations have been written.

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