We are open for business as usual! All of our courses and lecturer support is online. Read more here.

We are open for business as usual1 All of our courses and lecturer support is online. Read more here.


We’ve offered online courses for Unisa BCom(pt) students for many years. Many of them move on to do CTA, and we get a lot of queries from students towards the end of the year, looking for more information to help them with their planning, decisions, and thinking around their CTA studies. Our lecturers and presenters have all walked this road, and we feel that we can help you with some things to think about before you get started with your CTA year.

For 2020 CTA students, we are running a series of 3 webinars to talk about the Tabaldi CTA programme, and also just CTA in general. What challenges students face; some advice about how to tackle them; and where to start with your prep.

UNISA have recently announced that 3rd-year subjects will be presented as year-modules from 2020. In our 3rd-year webinar, we chat about how Tabaldi can assist you, whether you are only doing a couple of 3rd-year semester-modules, or some or all of the year-modules. We are also supporting students enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences (ADAS). Tune in for some advice on how to tackle your final year BCom(pt) or ADAS.

CTA Webinars

Webinar 1:
Let's talk CTA

Webinar 2:
CTA students’ 5 biggest mistakes

Webinar 3:
CTA 2020: Where should you start?

Undergrad Webinars

Webinar 1: 3rd-year and ADAS

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