How we can help you

What is the Tabaldi Accounting Online classroom ?

Tabaldi Education develops online courses specifically tailored for UNISA BCom/pt courses. The Tabaldi Accounting Classroom, has been designed with the UNISA student in mind. Our online classroom offers in depth lecturer videos, notes and summaries, student discussion forums, online assessments and other study tools. You will also have access to the Tabaldi lecturing team for academic queries and guidance.


Who should take these online courses? Is there an admission's process?

This e-learning site is available to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Tabaldi Education offers courses designed specifically to support UNISA students. There isn't an admission process to enroll into our online classroom, all you need to do is purchase the relevant course product and you will be automatically enrolled onto your course. You can preview the course for free before deciding whether or not to purchase and join the class. 
Remember that you will still need to register separately with UNISA in order to write the UNISA exams


Will I receive a Tabaldi Education certificate?

No, Tabaldi only offers study aids and tuition support for UNISA student. You will therefore need to register with UNISA  and write the UNISA exams to receive the UNISA degree. You can register with us to prepare for subjects that you plan to register for with UNISA in the future, or if you missed the UNISA registration deadline for this semester so that you can make some progress in mastering the work you will need to cover in the future.

Tabaldi Education is not related to UNISA but provides tuition support for specific UNISA modules.