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Multibuy discount: Buy 2 courses and get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses and get 10% off.

ITC Board Course Jan 2022

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Tabaldi's online tuition support course for the January 2022 ITC board exam. Around 70% of the last few ITC exams have been discussion-type questions. We know that students struggle to get marks for their knowledge in these areas so our course focusses on how to structure and plan these discussion questions and how to improve your communication skills to earn those marks. Deadline for registrations is 30th November, 2021*.

This course is ideal whether you are progressing from CTA or transitioning from CIMA. If you are transitioning from CIMA, there is some specific information here.

Our online ITC Exam Course includes:

  • 8 tasks, each of which includes a past ITC question that you'll do, mark and submit to us to get feedback from us on your methodology, structure, approach, marking, and what you should focus on
  • Practical advice on how to improve your communication, application, and the structure of your thinking and answers
  • Study coaching advice
  • Lecture videos and tutorials covering the full CTA syllabus
  • 2 SIM tests with personalised feedback
  • Find out more here.

*If you are waiting for UNISA CTA results which are due out in December 2021, please contact us now to discuss how and why you can still do this course and start on time.

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Most ITC courses focus on revising your knowledge. While we realise this is important, we also recognise that what students struggle with more, is the application and communication of whatever knowledge they have! Students need help practicing how to answer discussion questions, how to work with longer case studies and how to mark and analyse their own attempts.

This is highlighted in SAICA’s 2020 ITC Examiner’s Comments: “A serious problem experienced throughout the examination was that candidates were unable to apply their knowledge to the scenarios."

Tabaldi's tuition support courses and, in particular, lecturer support are second to none. Our ITC course gives you a lot of practice with questions and we will be there to provide feedback every step of the way. This will include case study planning and 2 SIM test papers. We also know that the subject matter is only half the battle - your mindset and study approach is vital so we have included study coaching materials.

Your course will include:


We have joined forces with Yvonne Starkey to bring you invaluable study coaching lessons and support. Yvonne, a co-founder of Tabaldi, has years of teaching experience and knows what CTA and ITC students typically struggle with and, you'll be glad to hear, knows how to tackle those issues.

We recognise that today's world doesn't leave you a lot of time for study. How do you make sure you are getting the best of your valuable study time? This course helps you understand the challenges you face, and provide practical advice on how to address these issues, in order for you to pass ITC. We are there to support but we will also be there to challenge you. 


The course is separated into different tasks. Each one of them address an issue that students struggle with. From planning the case study, reading and interpreting the question, to structuring and planning your solutions, and communicating your points in a way that will earn you marks. 
We cover each task separately, so you can focus on and practice that skill. Once you're done, you'll submit to us, and we'll provide feedback on how you're coming along and what you should work on.


While we have the full CTA syllabus available for you, we've focussed the course on the areas that students struggle with the most. Application and communication. We give you practical advice on how to improve your communication, and how to work on your application. We know that most students have focussed on theory and technical information. Even though we know that you're not comfortable with the theory, we need to help you practice using whatever knowledge you have and build good study habits as early as possible. 
Focussing on theory until two weeks before your exam does not give you time to learn the skills that SAICA is examining you on.


Our methodology means that you should be going back to theory less and less. However, sometimes it is necessary to go over some theory again so we have included all of our detailed CTA tuition support courses. The subjects have been indexed so it is easy for you to quickly jump to the specific topics you need. 

The videos are all short (typically 10 minutes or less) so it's easy to squeeze in some revision in spare moments throughout the day. The great thing about video is that you can pause, rewind and rewatch to make sure you have taken everything on board. 


Closer to the exams, our lecturers will mark 2 simulated ITC test papers for you.  The previous questions will have prepared you very well for the sim tests and, at this point, it's a matter of practicing exam writing as the final exam approaches. The lecturers will give feedback which will ensure you are focussing on the correct areas before sitting the exam.


Our lecturers are available on our discussion forums to answer your queries, motivate you, and check up on you! Sometimes though, it's just nice to be able to chat to other like-minded individuals who are going through the same as you are!


Click on the image to find out more. 

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We regularly get queries from CIMA qualified professionals that want to transition to CA (SA) by taking advantage of the SAICA-CIMA Membership Pathway Agreement (MPA).

CGMA’s are now able to write the SAICA ITC Exam without passing CTA first. The problem is that the CIMA and SAICA ITC exams differ significantly. As a result, the majority of candidates fail their first attempt and abandon the dream thereafter.

This begs the question: “Should you first do CTA and then attempt the ITC?”

That is definitely one way of doing it, but we’ve got an even better solution for you. Our ITC Exam Course focuses on the skills you require in order to answer ITC exam questions and score maximum marks. In our ITC Exam Course you get to practice many actual past ITC questions and submit it for personalised feedback form the team of qualifies CA’s (SA). You will also get the opportunity to write two 100 mark simulated exams (past ITC papers) for feedback.

In order to address the large syllabus gap between CIMA and SAICA, we also include all of our CTA video lectures. Candidates can work through the lectures at their own pace and ask for assistance from our qualified and experienced lecturers. This means you do not have to first spend a year doing CTA at a tertiary institution before enrolling for an ITC Board Course.

If you need more information on the course or just some helpful advice from a lecturer, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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