ManAcc 2A - Principles of Management Accounting (ONLINE ONLY)

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ManAcc 2A - Principles of Management Accounting (ONLINE ONLY)

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Online classroom to guide you through the ManAcc 2A (MAC2601) syllabus.

Access to course,one semester only.




This course requires internet access in order to view the course content shown below.

  1. Introduction, Guidance and Overview
  2. Introduction to management accounting
  3. SU1: Cost objects, classification and behaviour
  4. SU2: Estimation techniques and the linear equation
  5. SU3: Cost-volume-profit analysis
  6. SU4: Material
  7. SU5: Labour
  8. SU6: Overheads
  9. SU7: First-in-first-out (FIFO) method
  10. SU8: Weighted average method
  11. SU9: The direct costing method versus the absorption costing method
  12. SU10: Reconciling differences between net profits
  13. SU11: Comparing ABC and the traditional costing method
  14. SU12: ABC system design and application
  15. SU13: The job costing system
  16. SU14: The process costing system - all units completed
  17. SU15: Work-in-process, equivalent units and the quantity statement
  18. SU16: Losses
  19. SU17: Production cost statements
  20. SU18: Allocation statements
  21. SU19: Costing joint products
  22. SU20: Accounting for by-products
  23. SU21: The budgeting process
  24. SU22: Flexing the budget
  25. SU23: The standard costing system
  26. SU24: Calculating selected variances
  27. SU25: Reconciliation and analysis of variances
  28. SU26: Relevant versus irrelevant costs
  29. SU27: Short-term decision-making (special orders)
  30. SU28: Limiting factors and the allocation of resources
  31. SU29: Cost-volume-profit analysis (CVP)
  32. SU30: Probabilities
  33. SU31: Decision trees


Mentor – Francois Steyn CA (SA) MCom

Francois is a lecturer at Tabaldi Online Accounting Classroom and is passionate about Management Accounting, as well as assisting students on their journey to become Chartered Accountants.

Francois is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a MCom Accounting. He has lectured Management Accounting, from second year to CTA, at various universities since 2009. He believes that this Tabaldi course will assist students in understanding the principles required to pass this module and provide them with the support they need to make a success of their studies


Additional Information

Course Mentor Francois Steyn CA (SA) MCom
Video Duration Over 14 hours of ONLINE lecture videos
Summaries Yes
Mentor Support Yes
Access to Course One Semester
Exam Course (Past Papers & Video Solutions) No

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Tabaldi is not part of UNISA, but we have extensive experience in lecturing UNISA accounting subjects.
Our study solution is jam-packed with hours of top quality online video lectures that are easy to understand and follow.

  • We also offer detailed printable study notes, access to online accounting discussion groups where you will have access to Tabaldi’s lecturers for support as well as past exam papers
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