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Multibuy Discount: Buy 2 courses to get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses to get 10% off.

FinAcc 2B - Selected Accounting and Group Structures (FAC2602)

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We cover the full syllabus for FAC2602 with video lectures, explaining everything you need to know about FAC2602. We explain the syllabus simply, so you’ll be able to apply it to any situation. Our classroom is set up in the same order as your study guide, making it easy to work through the whole syllabus. Our exam course videos walk you through two past exams, showing you how to read, plan and answer your questions. Your lecturer will be available to answer your queries, motivate you, and check up on you through your semester.

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FAC2602 introduces you to Consolidations for the first time. Although there’s only one topic in this module, there’s a lot you need to learn!

You’ve learnt how to create financial information and Financial Statements for individual companies up to now, but how do you account for companies that own other companies? You need to create Financial Statements for Groups of Companies. Sure, you need to add all the companies together to get the group’s total (i.e. add the revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities for all the companies), but you know it’s not going to be as simple as that, right?

Our videos will show you how to do this - from the day you buy another company, to the Financial Statements at year-end.

The exam course videos will go through past questions and show you the process to follow to answer the questions and teach you the exam technique you need.

Your lecturer will be available on the discussion forum to help you with your queries, motivate you, and keep an eye on you when you fall behind!


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 Claudia Hazelwood Faatima Kholvadia Rudy Govender


  • Introduction to Groups
  • Consolidation of Subsidiary at Date of Acquisition
  • Consolidation of Subsidiary after Date of Acquisition
  • Acquisition of a Subsidiary during the year
  • Intercompany Transactions and Balances
  • Treatment of Dividends during Consolidation
  • Treatment of Preference Shares during Consolidation
  • Statement of Cash Flows

Please note: This course is designed to support the 2nd semester in 2022 only. Purchase will give you access to this course until the Oct/Nov examinations have been written.

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