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Multibuy discount: Buy 2 courses and get 5% off, buy 3 or more courses and get 10% off.

CTA Platinum Programme Lvl 2

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Our CTA Platinum Programme for 2022 is now closed for registrations. If you still need tuition support for this year, please go to our CTA page to see your options.

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CTA Level 2 (Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences: 98225) is the ‘one-year CTA’ (i.e., the CTA the other universities offer). This covers 100% of the CTA syllabus (i.e. everything from Level 1 AND everything you haven’t covered yet!). The questions are more integrated; with a slightly different focus, (often with higher mark allocation); the volume of work is intense, and your time is limited!

Our Platinum Programme has been designed to include more one-on-one lecturer interaction and sim-test marking, to help ensure you’re on the right track and you get direction for your challenges. We know you have limited time, so our videos, notes and test prep videos are aimed to get you to exam technique and questions as efficiently as possible. We’ve added revision from undergrad, (in case you need it!), and we take you through how to tag your open books, where applicable.

If you’re doing CTA Level 2 straight from undergrad, or you’ve done CTA Level 1 before this, our courses allow you to focus on what you need (i.e. more understanding, more revision, or exam technique) for each test. Your lecturers will be available through the year on our discussion forums for your queries, to motivate you, and sometimes to check up on you!


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Our CTA Level 2 Platinum Programme provides you with more one-on-one time with your lecturers. Also exclusive to CTA platinum and new this year, we are including Study Advice lectures from Yvonne Starkey. This, along with the marking of simulated tests and exams with personal and detailed feedback, will help you assess and correct any challenges you may have with your subjects.  This personalised assistance adds a lot of value to your studies and saves you a lot of time through the year. Our students also receive a preparation webinar at the start of each test period, to assist with focus and mindset for the preparation for each test and examination.

Our lecturers have worked hard to navigate you through all the material you need to cover, to help you focus on the core topics and concepts, and guide you in terms of how you’ll be expected to approach them in exams. We’ve kept your time challenges in mind, so we’re maximising your efficiency with our lectures.

Your courses will include:


We’ve focused on the understanding of the topics, to enable you to approach any question, rather than focussing on memory and pure theory. This includes how to highlight and tag the open books you can take into the exams. We’ve added revision content where we think it’s relevant as well. The beauty is that you get to control what you revise, and what you don’t. You can go back to where you need, or stick to the CTA content if that’s all you need.


We also walk you through how to do exam-type questions and past papers. Our videos will help you with your communication skills, planning of answers, to ensure you’re totally prepared for your exams. Our lecturers will mark a sim-test you attempt and submit. This will speed up your ability to assess your challenges, what to focus on and how to improve your marks. Having more time with your lecturer online always helps to guide, direct and motivate you, according to your specific challenges.

STUDY COACHING (new for 2021!)

Exclusive to CTA Platinum, we've joined forces with Yvonne Starkey to bring you study coaching!
You've been studying for YEARS, right? You don't need advice on how to study! Or do you? Most PGDA / CTA students are still studying the same way they did for first and second year. Same habits, same approaches, just MUCH MORE of it! 
The problem? CTA / PGDA is a very different game, with very different skill requirements. You've signed up for a different game, but you're still playing the old rules! 
If you've found that your studying has been less effective in your third year, or you're repeating CTA / PGDA in 2021 and need to understand why your studying wasn't what it needed to be... this is definitely for you. We help you understand where your habits come from, why they may be creating challenges for you, and help you work on great study habits that will get you through this year, and improve your very next study session.


Our Platinum Students get additional exam revision for each subject, where our lecturers go back to the critical concepts for each topic and focus on integration in the exam situation.


Our lecturers are available on our discussion forums to answer your queries, motivate you, and check up on you! You’ll also get access to our Platinum ‘motivation’ course where we’ve added more motivational and inspirational content, including interviews with past students who’ve passed and qualified, and other professionals who employ accountants and can give you insight into what they’re looking for from their teams and how they recruit their professional staff.

Please note that purchase of this programme gives you access to the online materials until the 2021 final exams.

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